Literary Arts

Poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction are welcome. There is no word limit for online submissions, HOWEVER if you would like to be considered for print publication, the world limit is 7500 words for prose and 3000 words for poetry. As a champion for expression and voice, we are willing to take almost all subject matters. However, erotica will not be considered. Please do not submit research papers. Editorials are permissible!
***We also accept Google Doc sharing with and email submissions to the same address with a Word file submission. However if you decide to share your Google Doc or send us an email without filling out the form, you must include a short five sentence autobiography.

Before you submit, please note the following:

  • NON-PROFIT: We are a non-profit student organization. We intend to direct all net proceeds towards publication improvement and charitable donations focused on education. 
  • FEES: There is no submissions fee, nor is there any payment for publishing your work (currently).  However, should you be published in the print publication, you will receive a free contributor's copy. If you are published online and would like to receive a print edition, you will receive a 60% discount. 
  • TERMS: By clicking the 'submit' button, you are agreeing to the above submission terms and to authorize us to publish your work, if selected, on our website (, social media networks, and/or our Apricity Magazine which will be submitted to various annual competitions. 
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You may include a link to a Google Doc. However, if we are not able to view the piece, your submission will be discarded effectively.
Should you be published online, we would like to include a small biography about you. Use up to five sentences to describe yourself and your experience with the writing community (whether you are a newbie or a veteran, we welcome all).