I Invited Satan to Tea One Day

Author | Z. N. Pasha

I waited for Satan all my life
Wanting to ask him why
I never got an answer
To all those times I prayed to him
And his gods
For amor vincet omnia.
I searched for him in hospitals and police stations
In-between chrysanthemum seeds
And cyanide jars.
He came for tea one day
Dressed in all green.
Small talks about the weather in Tartarus
And his summer plans
Prevailed over orange juice.
“What do you fear the most in life?”
The texture of our skins,
Somehow dissolved into one
Resembling the ivory palace
In my backyard.
His smile resembles mine.
And now he has left me with
Screaming silences
A deserted chest
A reeling wreck
Where only the fluttering fans resound
Turning me into a living corpse
Can you thaw me out?
That day, all tales of love
Came to an end
As he started telling me his tale of loss.

About the Author | Z. N. Pasha lives in an idyllic reclusive bubble. A new kid on the scene, studying for an undergrad degree in English Literature in Lahore. She grew up surrounded by dusty books and too many languages. So of course she decided to write about confusing narratives out of sheer boredom. She writes short stories. And sometimes weird poetry while avoiding finishing her novel.