La Haasil (Unattainable)

Author | Z.N. Pasha

In the desert of my solitude
Quiver the shadows of your voice
The mirage of your lips
From the ashes of the distance between us
Bloom the jasmines
In the roses of your touch,
Rises the warmth of your breath.
On the horizon glistens the dew of your beguiling glance.
In the sky of your sea.
In the red of my love.
In the darkness of the glance between us.
Fall mountains
From autumn nearby,
Rises the winter of your death.
It is distant in its own loneliness,
Ravaging savagely-
The solitude of your ā€˜Iā€™ .

About the Author | Z. N. Pasha lives in an idyllic reclusive bubble. A new kid on the scene, studying for an undergrad degree in English Literature in Lahore. She grew up surrounded by dusty books and too many languages. So of course she decided to write about confusing narratives out of sheer boredom. She writes short stories. And sometimes weird poetry while avoiding finishing her novel.