An Ode to the Music that Carries my Soul

Author | Leo Brasuel

Oh sweet melody that does light my deepest dark,
I beg thee, my heartfelt praise to hark,
And if you'll see me through, till skies are clear,
Your saccharine rhythms, I'll always strive to hear,
Like remontant rose, you give me twice the pleasure,
I need thee more, I love thee twofold every measure,

As summer breeze does calm the restless heart,
Music is my salvation, choral art,
So to thou, finely painted melody, I'd like to say,
That you light my path, and without you I'd stray,
Bear me true, through seas of blue,
Compass that guides me on worn out shoes,

You carry more than just your tune,
You carry my soul over sorrow's tomb,
Like the intravenous needle, of a life in limbo,
You keep my sanity afloat, that I may gaze the world's window,
Audio assortments of endless flavor,
From an insipid world, you are my savior,

This, an ode to the music that carries my soul,
Breathtaking glory, arpeggios unfold,
Like a blanket in cold,
Or a hand to hold,
Music is my armor, awake and asleep,
Comforts my soul, when I long to weep.

About the Author | Leo Brasuel he has been writing poetry as a personal method of reflection for five years. It's cathartic, and he loves how he can look back at his poems as a timeline of how he has developed as a person. Aside from a small profile on wattpad, he has not shared much of his work. Currently he is studying biochemistry at Colorado College and he hopes to continue developing his work with poetry and prose.