Empty Promises, You and I

Author | Leo Brasuel

Endings need a beginning-
My darling, and we had a beginning, 
Prelude this death with a faithful day,
Third and main, 12:30, embedded in a dismal May,
Young and trusting, we had this beginning:

Pleasant glances from across the room-
Ruby cheeks, and smiles bloomed, 
Over coffee, hot like a boiling dam
My emotions slowly, burning, swam
Into the pure pools, imbedded, in indulgent eyes,
Sirens are notaries for their resplendent tides of lies,
Each pulls you closer to recondite doom,
Secrets spun out, on lady time's laughing loom.

You and I fell
Over juvenescent need,
Under a church bell, we planted a seed.

And a floret from that ground rose, though
Neither of us could have truly known;
Death sleeps in the places with the most light-

I lost my love, my life, that night.

About the Author | Leo Brasuel has been writing poetry as a personal method of reflection for five years. It's cathartic, and he loves how he can look back at his poems as a timeline of how he has developed as a person. Aside from a small profile on wattpad, he has not shared much of his work. Currently he is studying biochemistry at Colorado College and he hopes to continue developing his work with poetry and prose.