Spring Air

Author | Leo Brasuel

Damp green blades
Tickle bare napes,
Laughing breeze plays the light
Of reflected leaves
Off your smiling face,
I could die happy
In such an embrace.

Souls tied as one,
Spring air consecrates graceful love,
Pleasant days,
Longer nights,
Passionate bliss.
Always lust
For one more kiss.

Call it your dream
I'll call it my need.
After dark winter
You are my reprieve,
And just like the tide
I caress your shoreline,
Picture perfect
At rest
Aligned and intertwined.

About the Author | Leo Brasuel he has been writing poetry as a personal method of reflection for five years. It's cathartic, and he loves how he can look back at his poems as a timeline of how he has developed as a person. Aside from a small profile on wattpad, he has not shared much of his work. Currently he is studying biochemistry at Colorado College and he hopes to continue developing his work with poetry and prose.