Before She Jumped

Author | Margaret Siu

She said to me: Baby, this is how
I’m made senseless
falling tousled
exhilaration, toss
me in the sky and I promise I’ll
bejeweled in scarlet.

The wind will caress me in my descent
(and that will be all too warm)
So don’t stop me as I dip
down in my quiet symphony.

Do you know: if you seal a firefly in a jar,
you suffocate it’s light, you
muffle starlight as it gasps
and wheezes to breathe, to flutter
and clench
and it fights
and it dies. So then I will be
flitting in the air,
an unblossomed firework, but
at last so so so free.

So I’ll hover momentarily
(maybe a profound second or two)
and life transforms into
a joke I can finally laugh at
and there is no one who can touch
me in the air I am my own angel
my own delivery
1441 feet from a greying earth--

About the Author | Margaret Siu is studying Plan II Honors at the University of Texas in Austin. She is a recipient of the Brown University Book Award, multiple Gold and Silver Keys from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards for her art and poetry, and an University Interscholastic League Journalism 1st Place Award for her Features Story. Chen has also been published in the Critical Pass Review for her work. She is impassioned about the political climates of both the Sinosphere and the United States. Chen is an avid fan of Naomi Shihab Nye, Mong-Lan, and Lin Manuel Miranda--those who endeavor to narrate their cultures through verse.