I Hope All Your Favorite Bands Stay Together

Author | John Smith

I wish you well
I want you
all you ever need
And I hope you are never hungry
unable to eat

I want you to have friendships
That last a lifetime
And wherever this world may find you
I hope she treats you kind

A home filled with family
I hope you often smile
I hope you are never lonely
Even if you miss me once in a while

I want you to be successful
In whatever course you choose
And I know it's so stressful
Feeling so confused

I wish the world to watch you
The way I look at you
And I want you to know I've got you
If you ever need me to

I pray for your passions
Rose petals at your feet
And anyone who loves you
May their kisses taste sweet

I hope you have attention
I hope you feel desired
I hope he will always mention
You are the reason he's inspired

I wish you bouquets of beauty
Lilac wrapped in lace
And I hope not one wrinkle
Ever marks your face

I hope you have the insight
To know friend from foe
I pray you moments In twilight
And love under mistletoe

I hope you can find somebody
who will help you heal yourself
And I want you to choose you
over anybody else

I want you to know I love you
You can always count on me
And know that I love you
Just like you love me

I wish you summers of sunshine
In the winter of your life
And if someone ever hurts you
I hope they cannot twice

I know things have changed...

I don't want to pretend...

And even though I'm strange...

I will always be your friend

I wish you rainbows and sunsets
Ponies and puppy dogs
And I pray one day my princess
Won't have to keep kissing frogs

What's a dragon without a princess?

A car without a key?

And I hope everyone who loves you
Loves you as much as me....

So just so you know

I hope all your favourite bands stay together

John. E. Rotten

About the Author | John Smith is an up and coming writer and poet. The alias John. E. Rotten is inspired by the famous Neil young song hey hey my my/ out of the blue and into the black. John has had a few poems and articles published and is hoping to release his first book in the next while.