Author | Patricia McCrystal

I smell rust spoiling the raw guts of metal animals. Under my fingers their burnt orange jaws hang in dull shock, the lingering remnants of an exoskeleton. An echo of a heartbeat.
Everything I touch turns to-
when I press my hands into your chest, it doesn’t sigh like gold
but instead, the flat black ink that collects in the corners of my mouth
silently spots your skin stretched from shoulder to shoulder,
saturating the soft red organ underneath until it shines like oil,
purple and blue

About the Author | Patricia (Patty) McCrystal likes telling ghost stories almost as much as she likes hearing them. Her poems are often about fire, blood, echoes, and spirits. Patty has been published in Fellow Magazine, Gesture Literary Journal, The “A” Literary Journal, and Garden Level Literary Journal. She received her degree in Creative Writing from Colorado State University and went on to receive a Certificate in Publishing from the University of Denver Publishing Institute. She is an avid reader of comic books and avid reciter of Emily Dickinson.