The Scalpel

Author | Yasir Masood

My palm, the rolling wind
sighs softly along the valley of your hips.
Blood searing beneath your skin,
I touch sunshine.
Our pulse gains
a fatal reminder;
clocks move faster when time doesn’t tick.

Alas our gorge succumbs to sunset.
The globe dims, hiding its purple crests and troughs.
Only a stage remains.

Sighing like furnace.
I grab my scalpel
and stick it behind my ear lobe.
Slow and steady I slice down across my jawline.
A splash of iron drips down my neck.
To my nose a whiff of rust.
I delicately trace the corner of my chin
with an ink of earthly red.
Then the noble blade slashes upward towards the forehead.
My visage consumed by blood and tears
as I feel my face loosens from the grip of my skull.
After one final gash along the hairline, I slip my fingers under the innards of my face
and rip it off.

I grab one anew.
A face you fancy;
the one with subservient lips and a less menacing brow.
As I stick it to the bone
I hand you the scalpel.

About the Author | Yasir Masood is a filmmaker and recent graduate of The University of Texas. Along with his job working in supply chain in downtown Austin, Yasir is also the Creative Director of New American, an Austin-based media production company that focuses on bringing fresh perspectives of the American identity to life. Yasir wrote and produced  The Last Hunt, the collective's latest effort and is set to write and produce a myriad of films set for production at the end of 2016 and well into Spring 2017.