The Sky's Response Upon Seeing the Sun

Author | Gilbert Orbea

The air is still and so are you.
The sky has kissed the Sun goodbye long ago
Yet there remains a hint of Her glow.

A Blue sky (in sadness)
Marks upon itself a half-light of Gold in remembrance
Of his loved one, smasher of Hydrogen, Amaterasu.
Hours pass by and the sky
Doesn’t dare relinquish its amatory color
In view of its love.

Then She comes.
The crimson blue of a sad starr’d dew
Lightens to a youthful hue.

About the Author | Gilbert Orbea as been writing since he was twelve years old. At the time, he wrote poems about boys being too afraid to write poetry, and that's stayed with him to this day. He mostly writes for himself as a cathartic process but enjoy letting other people discover how he sees the world. He hopes it, in return, helps others see the world a new way too.