Author | Ace Boggess

Then: surgery. Now:
oxycodone highlights
the pleasure centers
of her cheeks,
even when she winces,
gives up groans.
Nothing like that sweet hospital high,
plus hurt to have her want it more.

The nurse asks for a pain number
between one & ten.
“Five,” she says,
lying, low.

Her eyes,
demonic movie eyes,
say, “Give it,
or I’ll cut you.”

Looks like this
will go on for a while.

About the Author | Ace Boggess is the author of two books of poetry: The Prisoners (Brick Road Poetry Press, 2014) and The Beautiful Girl Whose Wish Was Not Fulfilled (Highwire Press, 2003). Forthcoming are his novel, A Song Without a Melody (Hyperborea Publishing), and a third poetry collection, Ultra-Deep Field (Brick Road). His writing has appeared in Harvard Review, Mid-American Review, RATTLE, River Styx, North Dakota Quarterly and many other journals. He lives in Charleston, West Virginia.