I Love You I Am Listening

Author | Philip Elliot

You are stuck in the crack

your image and your self

and think the love of another
can pull you                                 out
          you are only

One day you might have no need
for vocal chords

One day you may wake up and find
everyone is gone

but you’ve got everything you need

Come out of the crack
Stand before the image
Your atoms spin with

already, don’t you see?

You are       joy           wonder
     peace          possibility
              hope                strength

You are full.

Now, do this:
Place a hand on your belly
and a hand on your heart
embrace yourself

Say this part aloud:         I love you     I am listening

About the Author | Philip Elliott is Irish, 23 years old and Editor-in-Chief of Dublin-based international literary magazine, Into the Void. His fiction and poetry can be found in various magazines, most recently GFT PressPeeking Cat Poetry MagazineSubprimal Poetry Art and Yellow Chair Review. He is currently finishing up work on his first novel, A War of Hearts, which he hopes to publish in 2017. He believes there are no such thing as characters, only people. If you ask him what day it is, he almost definitely won't know. Stalk him at philipelliottfiction.com.