Locker Room Talk

Author | Philip Elliot

I was thirteen when I
first felt ashamed
of my gender

A child of fiction I
dreamed of romance
and destiny

The other boys didn’t

Thirteen years of rape culture
has a way of eroding the heart

Boys become men and
the worst of them want
to take the world

As I watched him dismiss
his ‘locker room talk’
I felt that shame again

and hated what I am,
smiling boy turned
hungry beast

I whispered to the screen,

Cover your ears, children
and I’ll put clamps on
your bones. So you can’t

shrink into men

About the Author | Philip Elliott is Irish, 23 years old and Editor-in-Chief of Dublin-based international literary magazine, Into the Void. His fiction and poetry can be found in various magazines, most recently GFT PressPeeking Cat Poetry MagazineSubprimal Poetry Art and Yellow Chair Review. He is currently finishing up work on his first novel, A War of Hearts, which he hopes to publish in 2017. He believes there are no such thing as characters, only people. If you ask him what day it is, he almost definitely won't know. Stalk him at