Pigs in Blood. Pigs in Mud.

Author | A. J. Binash

Splitting darkness like divided shade
On a pleasant afternoon-
I wear my eyes closed
Because I like how it feels.
Neighborhood wind chimes
Silence their dissonance
As police sirens resound.
An alcoholic utilizes gibberish
Living out his momentary importance
As only the depraved can-
We’re beautiful sinners after 3am.
Like a pig uses mud to prevent cauterization
We elude prayer to practice being human.
Sleeping with guns by bedside
Or knives beneath withering pillows,
Blind stimulus prompts reaction
Encased in lucid abandonment
While flesh inches closer to an unsheathed blade,
We fear what’s plain.


About the Author | A.j. Binash is a post-modern poet located in La Crosse, WI. He has released two books of poetry, Cautionary Tales of an American Boy Out Past Curfew (Rattlesnake Valley Publishing), Selected Reflections On How to Tenderize Capitalists (self-published) and a new book, Bug Poems & a Venus Fly-Trap Named Diplomat (self-published) that will be released early November.  He has been featured in numerous underground publications. His current material can be found at romanticclowning.com.