Author | Brandon Marlon

We gape at a lofty swatch of sky
where stars fall to the earth by the hundreds;
we respect the silence, our spirits calmed,
soothed by the opiate of night.

Imagination overrides the eyes
as we observe trailblazing comets
striating the heavens overhead
and asteroids on steroids percussing
their way across the cosmos.

As we marvel skepticism subsides
and we find ourselves pondering
the unmoved mover, the increate infinite
that selflessly withdraws to the extent
that we the finite can emerge alongside.

How unusually lovely to self-contract;
what a ruthful impulse to make space
for others.
This, then, is no less than
the original act of love.


About the Author | Brandon Marlon is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. He received his B.A. in Drama & English from the University of Toronto and his M.A. in English from the University of Victoria. His poetry was awarded the Harry Hoyt Lacey Prize in Poetry (Fall 2015), and has been published in 125+ publications in Canada, U.S.A., England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Romania, Israel, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Trinidad, & Mexico.