Author | Juan Alvarez

The clanking of the beer cans against
each rung of the rusty ladder risked
alerting someone of our ascent. 
The rooftop was our conquered summit,
where we could calmly admire the bright
skyline pulsing with prismatic light.

The human landscape below offered
us insight into the escapades
of strangers as they gladly wandered
hand in hand with new love interests
or with liquor-filled friends who stumbled
home, saturating the alleyways
with vociferous laughter, half-slurred
vows of love, and backslapping goodbyes.

About the Author | Juan Alvarez is a Business Honors and Plan II student at the University of Texas at Austin. He enjoys reading outdoors, listening to music during his morning walk, and going out with friends. He hopes he can improve his creative writing enough to impress himself.