Composer | Austin Ali

A performance during Apricity Magazine's 2017 showcase.

Hybrid is a unique piece of mine originally written for saxophone quartet. When writing the piece, I could not stand the sounds that my music notation software was using to emulate saxophones. So, I changed the sounds to output the tone of violins, viola, and cello instead. From that moment on, I could not separate the string sounds from the saxophone music, and I began to write a piece that was a combination of saxophone and string music. In the end, Hybrid is a piece now for both saxophone and string quartet, composed to bridge together these two families of instruments.

About the Artist | Austin Ali is a trumpeter, jazzer, and composer in his first year at the University of Texas at Austin in the B.M. Music Composition and B.A. Plan II Honors programs. During his composition career, Austin has recorded works with ensembles including the University of North Texas Five O’Clock Lab Band, the Mockingbird Brass Quintet, and the Austin Symphony Orchestra. He has earned various state, national, and international awards including 1st and 3rd place in the Austin Symphony Orchestra’s Texas Young Composers Competition, Finalist in the National Young Composers Challenge (2 years), 1st place in the Christopher Bill Trombone Composition Competition, and was accepted into the Juilliard School undergraduate program for composition in 2016.