Send us something that makes us sprout goosebumps next to an open fire, something that floods the cavities of our lungs, something that catches flame in the coldest crevices of solitary rooms, something with a siren's voice, something that whisks us to uncharted dimensions--something electrifying.


  • Online submissions are rolling. After pooling and selecting online content, core staff members vote on the finest online content to publish in the print edition. During print selection, online submissions after a deadline (December 10, 2016) will be considered for the next print edition. 
  • Erotica will not be considered. We wish to be respectful to all audience members. 
  • FEES: There is no submissions fee, nor is there any payment for publication (currently). However, should you be published in the print publication, you will receive a free contributor's copy. If you are published online and would like to receive a print edition, you will receive a 60% discount. 
  • We will not tolerate any form of plagiarism.
  • Language: Though we are an international magazine, the predominant language of our staff is English. However, we welcome comprehensive usage of both English and another language (i.e. translations, subtitles, integration of both languages). The only exception we will make is for design purposes in the Visual Arts category. If you're poem is in a non-English language, please submit an English translation as well. 
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed.
  • Currently, the book is printed annually-- comprising of roughly 64 pages. 
  • If your work has been recognized with an award, please let us know and we will accredit you for your accomplishment!
  • We welcome works that have been published elsewhere. If your work was published on other platforms, please let us know where and when. If it is online, a link is welcome. 

Literary Art Submission

Poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction are welcome. Playwright scripts may be submitted.  For more details please click below. 


Visual Art Submission

We accept all forms of visual arts--only we will need a picture of your piece (be it 3-D or 2-D). Please submit your work in a .jpeg, .tiff, or .png file. For more details, please click below. 


Performing Art Submission

Short films are welcome (max time: 15 min). Music performances and original sheet music (accompanied by a performance) may be submitted. For more details, please click below.